New Year, New Us

In 2011, we founded AFS to serve the needs of the growing energy industry.

In the years since then, we’ve grown ourselves—from a single location in Houston, Texas, to having offices, laboratories, and a partner network that stretches worldwide.

The energy industry continues to evolve. It was time that our brand evolve, too.

For nearly a decade, AFS has worked alongside the biggest names in the energy industry to efficiently extract and manage the flow of oil and gas while minimizing environmental impact and maximizing revenue and safety.

Now more than ever, we’re positioned to provide today’s global energy leaders with independent, actionable, personal solutions through a mix of laboratory, engineering, and technology services.

Our new brand and accompanying website mark a turning point in the life of our organization. It’s a renewed commitment and strengthened focus on measuring, modeling, and solving the world’s energy challenges and—together—finding solutions.

It’s no easy task.

To succeed, we need to embrace today’s energy realities, looking for ways to increase our efficiency while lessening our impact. We must envision a future together—one that recognizes our different needs and puts solutions first.

AFS is up to the challenge.

We hope you’ll join us.