AFS partners with Innovative Research to develop test kits to help in COVID-19 fight

HOUSTON—10 April 2020 Assured Flow Solutions (AFS) is teaming up with Innovative Research, Inc (Novi MI) to help with the critical task of developing an ELISA based test kit. The kit will determine whether an individual carries antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes the illness COVID-19. AFS has provided a grant to Innovative Research, Inc to assist in the rapid development, validation, and distribution of these testing kits. The ability to detect the presence of specific antibodies against the novel coronavirus in individuals is of critical importance to ongoing research and could help to accomplish goals such as:


  • Validating vaccine efficacy
  • Identifying donor sources of convalescent plasma for research and therapeutic use
  • Wide-ranging epidemiological studies into the global spread of the novel coronavirus
  • Potentially assessing work readiness after overcoming COVID-19


“Before these kits can be used by researchers globally, they need to be tested and validated and that is where AFS has helped in our fight. The grant support from AFS will be used to purchase reagents to expedite in the rapid development and validation of these kits,” said Donna Schelby, VP of Operations at Innovative Research, Inc.  “Without the generous support of AFS, we would not be as far along in the development phase as we are.”


While AFS is an innovation leader in the energy industry, the background of AFS Co-Founder Tony Spratt began in the field of organic chemistry, focusing on delivery of therapeutics and biomedical engineering. “The opportunity to assist in this work is personally fulfilling and further allows AFS to demonstrate our commitment to helping the community in any way possible,” said Dr. Spratt.


“This is a unique and meaningful opportunity for a cross-over between our two innovative companies to work towards a common goal,” said Tommy Golczynski, AFS CEO.  “Leaders at both companies have academic roots from the University of Michigan, so this was a very natural and impactful collaboration to help a community in-need.”



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Innovative Research, Inc is an established biotechnology company based in Novi Michigan. The company was founded in 1998 and has grown to be a trusted global supplier of all lab reagents, including human and animal biologicals, antibodies, proteins & enzymes, and ELISA kits.


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