Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing right by our clients, our employees, and the Earth

As participants in the energy industry around the globe, we take our responsibility to our staff, our clients, and our environment seriously. We understand that we are entrusted to be good stewards of our resources, as well as providing a safe and engaging environment for our employees. To ensure we do so, AFS focuses our efforts in the following areas:


From actively promoting a healthy work/life balance to making sure traveling team members are made aware of any health-related risks for their destination country, we are committed to our employees’ health on and off the job.


We are a Zero Target organization, and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Every employee—at any level—is encouraged to cease work-related activity if he or she feels safety is compromised, and we are vigilant in communicating not only associated risks but organizational policies and procedures to help keep everyone safe.


Every technical project includes environmental risk considerations to ensure every decision is made with the environment in mind. We are always taking initiatives throughout our organization to reduce our footprint.


Each employee has been properly trained to exceed expectations in his or her role, and all work is reviewed by senior staff members prior to client submission to ensure appropriate due diligence in checking the technical validity of all findings and recommendations.

Digital Security

The confidentiality of any information received, generated, and transmitted is held with the strictest confidence, in order to protect our clients’ interests. AFS continuously works towards achieving an Information Technology (IT) Policy that is compliant with ISO 17799:2005.

AFS also maintains a back-up computer network, capable of hosting key documents and email servers remotely. This allows for continuity of business operations in the event of any local disruption (i.e. hurricane/natural disaster) or local server crash. Backing up critical files remotely helps to ensure there is no ‘single point-of-failure’ in AFS’ IT management.

All IT-related issues are monitored 24-hours a day through a dedicated contact (, which is routed to top management for critical issues. AFS commits to notify any client, in writing, of any issues that could compromise the availability, confidentiality, or integrity of any data.

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