More than test results, a glimpse into the future

Our full-service network of laboratories was created to streamline the traditional laboratory experience.

Rather than simply running tests and sharing data, we help you understand what those results mean for your business and operations.

As an extension of your in-house team, AFS can help you execute your next laboratory analysis quickly, effectively, and with precision—and can also provide the custom mix of engineering and technology required to design and deploy solutions to whatever issues and opportunities we uncover together.

AFS Laboratory Tests & Analyses

Flow Assurance / System Integrity Testing
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Chemical Assessment
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Materials Testing
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Crude Oil Analysis
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Water Analysis
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Environmental Analysis
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The right answer the first time

Measured results from the lab do not always reflect behavior in the field—and any discrepancy between the two can mean the difference between useful insights and useless information.

In some instances, tried-and-true standard testing is the best route to a solution. We offer a full spectrum of standard tests and analyses to support every stage of production. When it makes sense, AFS is also able to tailor testing to your unique situation and operating conditions, providing more accurate, more relevant, more replicable results.

In any case, the outcome is the same: impartial, efficient, reliable, and actionable insights you can use immediately to fix problems, prevent them from happening, or become more efficient, profitable, safe, and sustainable.


“AFS is unique because you can find out about your fluids in the lab and then see how it translates into flow assurance issues (and opportunities). These guys actually walk you through and help you understand the lab studies. Then they help you develop a plan.”

- Jason Harry, Senior Subsea Engineer, Hess Corporation

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